Philosophy & Expertise

A Common Thread

Basin Street Properties is a leading investor, developer, owner and operator of commercial real estate. Our 5.2 million square foot portfolio includes office, retail, residential and hospitality properties. At its core, Basin Street is a service company. We believe a satisfied tenant is the foundation for our success, and we strive to maximize that satisfaction every single day.

A Hospitality Approach

Our commitment to tenants drives everything we do. Every Basin Street team member is hands-on, accessible and responsive. We all work toward the same goal: creating spaces where tenants flourish. Keeping all building management functions in-house enables us to uphold high standards across the entire tenant experience.

A Long Term Outlook

Our perspective is forward thinking and future focused. Every decision is informed by our goal of creating environments where people and businesses can thrive for years to come. Tenants know our extensive portfolio means they can grow with us. Investors know our experience means they can invest with confidence.

Our Expertise

  • Acquisition
  • Financing
  • Construction Management
  • Leasing
  • Property Management

Investor Relationships

As a privately owned, entrepreneurial company with a proven track record of success we have cultivated a strong group of investors over the years. We engage with high net worth individuals and provide opportunities to invest on a project by project basis. Our disciplined approach to underwriting deals is key to achieving superior financial results for our investors.


Basin Street Properties’ core principles are represented by the concept T.H.R.I.V.E. Our approach expresses the values and philosophy by which we operate.

Trust. Honesty. Respect. Integrity. Values. Excellence.

Do the right thing. Don’t compromise your standards.

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