Terrain Pharmaceuticals Announces US Dept. of Veterans Affairs Partnership

August 12, 2021 by basinadmin

Terrain Pharmaceuticals

Terrain Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce their new partnership with the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). The VA has reviewed and approved Terrain’s LidoPro® Pain Relief Ointment and Neptune Ice® Pain Relief Gel for national distribution throughout their network of medical service providers.  Terrain’s LidoPro® Ointment and Neptune Ice® Gel provides immediate topical pain relief and are a safe alternative to highly addictive opioid medications.

“We have a great deal of respect for the service and daily sacrifice our veterans make to protect our freedoms, and we feel very fortunate to have a product that can improve their quality of life and help avert exposure to highly addictive alternatives,” said Nicholas Nading, Executive Vice President at Terrain Pharmaceuticals.  Starting August 1, 2021, the VA provides Terrain Pharmaceutical’s products free of charge to treat an array of chronic pain conditions.

The new partnership and additional sales growth in other channels have led Terrain to expand to 5,366 square feet in its 50 West Liberty location in downtown Reno.  “Downtown Reno is an ideal location for us to grow,” said Kyle Cranfill, Director of Sales and Marketing at Terrain Pharmaceuticals.  “Our team loves the location and surrounding amenities, and Reno has a capable and enthusiastic talent pool for our recruiting efforts.”

Terrain Pharmaceuticals is an innovative drug manufacturer that provides healthcare professionals with solutions to treat unique patient conditions.  Terrain meets and exceeds all industry and regulatory standards to ensure product safety and quality.  Their core product lines are LidoPro® Ointment and Patch, Neptune Ice® Gel, Lidothol Gel & Patch and ReadySharp Injectables.  “We offer our customers the safest pain relief options available,” said Nading.  “Our LidoPro® brand was designed as an alternative to highly addictive opioid medications, an epidemic that has impacted all walks of life throughout the United States.”

“It is encouraging to see an FDA registered pharmaceutical company like Terrain thrive and grow in Reno,” said Blake Riva, President of Basin Street Properties.  “The composition of Reno businesses continues to diversify and the amount of high paying, quality jobs continue to grow.” Terrain’s growth is part of broader leasing and business diversification occurring across Reno.  Expanding and new tenants moving from out of the area in industries including private equity, insurance, commodities, and energy have led to eight new leases totaling 17,411 square feet.