Gold Alliance Leases New Offices at 50 West Liberty

August 27, 2021 by Joey Stranzl

Basin Street Properties, a prominent Northern Nevada real estate investor and developer, has signed a lease with Gold Alliance at 50 West Liberty. This is part of a broader trend of new businesses coming to Downtown Reno bringer desirable higher paying office jobs to the area.

“50 West Liberty will provide an ideal location for Gold Alliance to grow and expand their business here in Reno,” said Scott Stranzl, Chief Portfolio Officer of Basin Street Properties. “Gold Alliance is an example of the many new businesses making the jump to Reno, and we are looking forward to exceeding their expectations and helping them be successful,” said Stranzl.

Gold Alliance was born out of the desire to help hardworking Americans avoid market volatility and government interventions with the security and opportunities afforded by physical precious metals. They know that true diversification comes when you allocate a portion of your portfolio with hard assets that provide growth when paper assets like stocks, bonds or the dollar decline. Therefore, they focus on helping people diversify their retirement accounts with gold and silver IRAs.

“Gold acts like financial insurance. When the markets collapse, it will be quick, and the cost for getting gold will be like getting fire insurance while your house is on fire,” said Joseph Sherman, CEO of Gold Alliance.

50 West Liberty consists of two towers, one 12-story and one 4-story with a large, professional lobby connecting the towers. Together they are 249,349 square feet of Class A office space that features panoramic views of the surrounding Sierra Mountains, Truckee Meadows, and downtown Reno. The building has on-site, covered parking and security.

This is part of broader leasing and business diversification occurring across Reno in 2021. New and expanding businesses moving from out of the area in industries including private equity, insurance, commodities, and energy have led to eight new leases totaling 17,411 square feet.  Gold Alliance is one of three recently signed leases in downtown Reno and part of the diversification of industry occurring downtown.

Representing Basin Street Properties was Patrick Riggs, Dominic Brunetti, and Scott Shanks of Dickson Commercial Group.  Ryan Johnson of Chase Johnson Commercial Real Estate represented Gold Alliance.  Thank you, Ryan, Dom, Scott and Patrick for helping our tenants and Basin Street succeed.