Basin Street Properties Announces 13 New Deals and 48,525 Square Feet of Leasing Success in Downtown Reno

June 20, 2024 by Mallori Taylor

Basin Street Properties is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to fostering a vibrant business environment in downtown Reno. Over the past year, we have successfully completed 13 new leases, totaling 48,525 square feet. This steady activity underscores Reno’s thriving business climate and the enduring appeal of downtown Reno as a prime location for growth and innovation.

Scott Stranzl, Chief Portfolio Officer at Basin Street Properties, shared his enthusiasm about ongoing leasing activity. “These 13 new deals are a testament to the dynamic and healthy business environment in downtown Reno,” said Stranzl. “We are pleased to see such a diverse and innovative group of companies choosing Reno as their home. This influx of new tenants highlights the strategic value and appeal of being in the heart of Reno, and we are committed to supporting their success.”

Welcoming Our New Tenants
Basin Street Properties warmly welcomes an outstanding array of businesses to our downtown Reno properties. These new tenants span a broad range of industries, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of the local economy. Our list of new tenants include:

  • Aprio, represented by David Cantwell, JLL
  • Cyrq Energy, represented by Leahna Chapman, CBRE
  • Fervo Energy
  • InterWest Insurance Services, represented by Tom Heacox, Newmark
  • NetNV
  • Reese Ring Velto
  • Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson
  • Westminster Title Agency, represented by Peter Larsen, DCG

“We are delighted to welcome such an innovative group of companies to downtown Reno,” Stranzl continued. “Each tenant brings unique strengths and perspectives, contributing to the vibrant and eclectic business community that makes Reno so special. Their presence here not only strengthens our portfolio but also reinforces Reno’s status as a hub of opportunity and growth.”

Looking to the Future
As we move into the second half of 2024, Basin Street Properties remains focused on maintaining this momentum and further enhancing the business landscape of downtown Reno. “We look forward to continued leasing activity and the opportunity to support more businesses in achieving their goals,” Stranzl added. “Our dedication to creating and nurturing an environment where companies can thrive is stronger than ever. We are excited about the future and the role we play in helping shape the success of downtown Reno.”

It is important to recognize that finding the right office solution for these businesses and addressing their needs requires the right office leasing team.  We are grateful for our team of Patrick Riggs, Dominic Brunetti and Scott Shanks at DCG.  We are also grateful for the partnership we achieve with the tenant rep brokers named above.  Thank you for your hard work and collaboration to help our tenants and Basin Street succeed.