AYCE Brazilian Steakhouse to Open in Famed Restaurant Space

April 12, 2019 by basinadmin

AYCE Brazilian Steakhouse to Open in Famed Restaurant Space

Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse is to open in a downtown Reno space that has housed many restaurants over the years. 
(Photo: Johnathan L. Wright/RGJ)

In the beginning (or thereabouts), there was Board of Trade.
And Board of Trade begat Adele’s, which begat the Chophouse, which begat Tommy’s Chophouse, which begat Blue Trout.
And Blue Trout became Spencer’s (for a nanosecond), which became Amendment 21, which became Scampi (another nanosecond).
And Scampi gave rise to the Bridge, which gave rise to CreAzian, which gave rise to a vacancy. But perhaps not for too much longer.
Signs for Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse have appeared in the windows of 425 S. Virginia St., a downtown Reno space (across from the federal courthouse) that has housed restaurants for more than three decades.
There’s also a website and a Facebook page for more advance looks at the restaurant.

At Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse, ahead in downtown Reno, meats (like this picanha sirloin cap) are sliced at table from skewers.
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Green and red
Churrasco refers broadly to meats grilled in various ways in cuisines across Latin America. In Brazil, especially Southern Brazil, meats are cooked on large skewers that are rotated over open flames.
Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse, according to its website, will offer 16 cuts of chicken, lamb, pork, beef and sausage. These offerings include picanha, a fatty cut from the upper round of the cow that’s popular in Brazil and sometimes called sirloin cap in the United States.
At table, servers slice the meats as requested from the skewers.
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Customers receive a card, one side green, the other red. As long as they want servers to keep slicing, they display the green side. When they’re done, they turn the card to red.

At Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse, customers pay a fixed price for this all-you-can-enjoy barbecue (plus salads and sides served from a buffet). Rodizio is the Brazilian term for this style of AYCE dining.

Brazilian before
It has been nearly 15 years since Reno has had a Brazilian restaurant. In late 2003, Braza Grill, also a Brazilian barbecue spot, opened at 2323 S. Virginia St., where Black Bear Diner is now.
The Reno Gazette Journal food editor at the time praised the meat at Braza Grill that arrived “nicely caramelized on the outside, juicy on the inside, with just enough fat for a good mouthfeel.”
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Braza Grill lasted a little more than a year.

More recent, Brazil Gourmet Market opened in late 2017 at 145 Hillcrest Drive, just south of West Plumb Lane.
The market sold Brazilian goods and ingredients and served Brazilian dishes like coxinha (chicken croquettes) and feijoada (black bean stew). The market, too, is now closed.

@RGJTaste reached out to the owners of Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse for more information. This story will be updated when that information is received.