Investment Philosophy

50 West Liberty Street
Reno, NV

Most developers in commercial real estate progress from an entrepreneurial company to an institutional company— Basin Street Properties did the opposite. In the late 1990’s the company had the right kind of discipline to move from an institutional funding path that provided limited control, to one that offered true ownership through more conventional debt structures.

In the earlier years Basin Street was fortunate to have tenants who where growing at a tremendous rate, some having liquidation events. Their confidence in Basin Street as landlords and commercial real estate experts enabled the company to turn these entrepreneurs into investors. Additionally, as these entrepreneurs continued to roll on to significant successes, Basin Street also grew them from incubator space needed by new start-ups to campuses accommodating the requirements of a flourishing company.


Petaluma Theatre Square
140 2nd St., Petaluma, CA

Financial engineering is now our greatest strength. We have exceptional depth of knowledge of the debt instruments in the market that can be used to enhance true value for investors. Led by our CEO, Matt White, we are unsurpassed in this area. Institutions can be somewhat faceless, disconnected money sources. Basin Street, by focusing on high net worth individuals, has built the foundation of our structure on extreme personal obligation and responsibility.

Basin Street remains exceptionally nimble, maintaining many types of debt structures and partnerships with a portfolio consisting of diverse product types that are geographically focused. Our Investor program accommodates individuals interested in investing in a diversified platform that allows for higher than market returns and provides the protection and tax advantages associated with an investment in vertical real estate assets.