About Us



Fountaingrove Center
3558 Round Barn Circle, Santa Rosa, CA

For Basin Street, commercial real estate is really a hands-on, labor-intensive business. It is important to us that we are involved with every aspect of the tenant experience on a daily basis. That responsibility reaches from the vice president of leasing to the receptionist who answers the phone. Our tenants can trust us to be engaged and accessible in every building in every community in which we do business.

Celebrating our 40th  anniversary in 2014, we know we have come a long way since the early days in the North Bay of California. Today Basin Street has transformed from a mom & pop company to a medium sized organization that is product diverse but geographically disciplined. We persevered through the most recent recession, preserving wealth for every single one of our investors. We put them first, showing resolute Integrity and proving that we truly are a company you can trust.


The foundation of our success is our service. All Basin Street engineers and property managers are on site; we do not outsource any management. We believe it is vital to control every aspect of the tenant’s experience— from the temperature to the physical environment. We remain receptive and responsive, focused not only on today, but anticipating our tenants’ future requirements so we are well prepared to provide timely assistance.

As a privately held firm, Basin Street is not burdened by the bureaucracy that often hinders companies with more complicated hierarchical structures. Our accessibility and responsiveness positions us to quickly make nimble, well-informed decisions.


Shoreline Office Center
100 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley, CA


At Basin Street we endeavor to live our tag line: “Creating environments where companies can thrive.” We strive to provide a vibrant atmosphere that compels people to come together, that truly creates connection. We feel we grow communities within our buildings and it is important for us to be connected.

We also work hard to make our buildings a part of the community. We have used real estate as a platform to positively impact communities. The downtown Petaluma development will leave a legacy that will change the fabric of the town forever. For other developers, their property is just a commodity. For us, it is a community.